How to use the app

Preference menu

When you start the RightsApp application (hereinafter, the "app"), you must first accept the Terms and conditions of the app. Within these Terms and conditions you can find the privacy policy. UAB-IDT strongly recommends you to carefully review these terms and conditions that will always be available in the "Preferences" menu.

The Preferences menu consists of 4 different sections:

  • Language: the app is available in four languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian. You can change the language of the app (except during the questionnaire response) on this screen.
  • How to use the app: it shows this explanation in the language active at that moment.
  • Terms and conditions: This screen shows the Terms and conditions of use of the app. This includes the Privacy policy.
  • About us: it contains the description of the RightsApp consortium and the available ways to contact the consortium.
How the app works

The app includes three different scenarios in which the user that has been victim of a crime within the European Union can found himself/herself. The first scenario is the need to make an emergency call to 112.With just a push of a button the user can make an emergency call to 112.

The second scenario is the need to be provided with information regarding rights of European Union citizens’ who have been victims of a crime. In order to obtain particularized information, the user has to fill in a small questionnaire (with a minimum of X and a maximum of Y questions). Once the user has answered this questionnaire, the rights that assist the user in her/his specific situation will appear grouped by subject (this grouping is due to the size of mobile devices’ screens, in order to facilitate the visualization). Once the title of any subject has been pressed, a more detailed definition of the rights that assist the user with respect to that subject will be displayed.

In the latter scenario the app provides the citizen who has been the victim of a crime with information regarding entities and centres that provide crime victim support. First, the user chooses three parameters to facilitate the search among these institutions and centres. The first parameter is the type of entity you are looking for, the second indicates in which country, and finally in which city. At the moment, only entities and centres that provide assistance to victims of crime in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia are available. Once these parameters are established, an ordered list will appear from less to more distant with respect to the user's location. Once one of the entities or assistance centres has been selected, the app will offer the possibility of calling that particular entity or centre, navigating to it (using GoogleMaps or Apple Maps) or going back to carry out another search.