WP1: Management and coordination of the project

Deliverables WP1Due dateDissemination level
D1.1 Data Management PlanM6Public
D1.2 Progress reportM13Confidential
D1.3 Project websiteM6Public


WP2: Modelling of the decision tree map and design of the questionnaire

Deliverables WP2Due dateDissemination level
D2.1 Report on key sources for the projectM3Public
D2.2 Decision tree and particles taggedM9Confidential
D2.3 Questionnaire and parametersM9Public
D2.4 Translation of the particles into different languagesM10Public

WP3: Implementation of RightsApp implementation

Deliverables WP3Due dateDissemination level
D3.1 Report on legal, technical and users requirementsM11Confidential
D3.2 RightsApp Android applicationM16Public
D3.3 RightsApp iOS applicationM16Public
D3.4 Report on evaluation carried out by legal expertsM26Confidential

WP4: RightsApp pilot

Deliverables WP4Due dateDissemination level
D4.1 Dissemination package to targeted groupsM18Public
D4.2 Report on the survey and focus groups results analysisM30Confidential

WP5: Dissemination and aware-raising

Deliverables WP5Due dateDissemination level
D5.1 Dissemination packageM10Public
D5.2 Conference papersM30Public
D5.3 Journal paperM30Public
D5.4 Mid-project International workshopM12Public
D5.5 Four or more training sessionsM30Public
D5.6 Report on the dissemination activities and their impact into targeted groupsM30Public
D5.7 Public eventsM30Public
D5.8 Dissemination in social media and in the project's home pageM30Public
D5.9 Final International workshopM30Public