RightsApp Public Deliverables

D1.1 - Data Management Plan
D1.3 - Project website
D2.1 - Report on key sources for the projectDOI
D2.3 - Questionnaire and Parameters
D2.4 - Translation of the particles into different languages
D3.2 - RightsApp Android applicationDOI
D3.3 - RightsApp - RightsApp iOS applicationDOI
D4.1 - Dissemination package to targeted groupsDOI
D5.1 - Dissemination Package
D5.2 - Conference papersDOI
D5.3 - RightsApp - Journal paperDOI
D5.4 - Mid-project International Workshop
D5.5 - Four or more training sessionsDOI
D5.6 - Report on the dissemination activities and their impact into the targeted groupsDOI
D5.7 - Public events
D5.8 - Dissemination in social media and in the project's home pageDOI

Conference proceedings

González-Conejero, J.; Teodoro, E., RightsApp Project in "New challenges, new answers: innovation and urban security". 2019. Poster available online at: RightsApp in New challenges, new answers: innovation and urban security

Journal Articles

González-Conejero, J.; Rodríguez Puerta, M.J.; Teodoro, E.; Zapater Duque; E., "RightsApp: Empowering Crime Victims through Mobile Technologies" in Law in Context for the Digital Age. ISSN: 1839-4183. 2020. In press.